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Traxstech Rocket Launchers

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Traxstech Rocket Launchers
Traxstech Straight Rod Storage

Traxstech    Made in USA

3 Unit
$150.00  138.00

ROCKET_LAUNCHER-3.jpg (35474 bytes)
4 Unit
$185.00  170.20

ROCKET_LAUNCHER-4.jpg (42555 bytes)
8 Unit
$450.00  414.00

ROCKET_LAUNCHER-8.jpg (17861 bytes)
10 Unit
$500.00  460.00

ROCKET_LAUNCHER-10.jpg (45077 bytes)
12 Unit
$560.00  515.20

ROCKET_LAUNCHER-12.jpg (49901 bytes)


bullet3 unit model has a 3" x 18" base
bullet4 unit model has a 3" x 24"base
bullet8 unit model has a 3" x 51" base
bullet10 unit model has a 3" x 64" base
bullet12 unit model has a 3" x 77" base


bulletAnodized aluminum
bulletEasy to mount
bulletGives equipment a secure storage place
bulletProvides a place to keep rods rigged and ready for quick changes
bulletAll bases are 1/4" thick and are flexible to curve to a hard top that has a crown to it.
bulletCustom units upon request

Also available in black or titanium for an additional cost (approx. 10%).  Please contact us for price & availability.

RL-3-310 / RL4-310 / RL8-310 / RL66-310 / RL12-310

Drop shipped from Traxstech via UPS

Shipping Method:

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